Trevor Schmidt Reviews His Favorite Soccer Shoes, Addidas Copa Mundial

As many of you may know, I played soccer my whole life, with my soccer career culminating as a player at California State University of Northridge.  This was at the Division 1 collegiate level, the highest level in college sports.  Over the years I have tried nearly all of the high end soccer shoes and had no problem tearing through them.  A pair of cleats in my prime would last only a matter of months since I was playing so much and so hard.  The biggest problem was the leather would tear along the edge since I would cut and change direction so much.

Some of my favorites include the Diadora Italica’s, which have very soft calf leather and are extremely comfortable.  They also have a fantastic touch on the ball.  The problem was since the leather was so soft it tore easily and did not last long.  Since they run about $170 retail, that could get very expensive.

My all time favorite that has withstood the test of time are the Addidas Copa Mundials.  These are the classic addidas cleats with the three stripes on the side.  No frills just quality shoes.  They seemed to fit my foot very well.  The leather was soft, yet very durable.  These are the only shoes that I was able to get through an entire season with.  I also liked the classic recognizable look that they carry.

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